Fiserv Device Manager


Fiserv Device Manager

Device Monitoring: Real-time Monitoring of Self-Service Devices


With Device Manager 5:

Flexible categorization – configurable

Completely flexible definitions

Monitoring of any Device Type

Supports a range of interfaces to devices

Flexible availability reporting

Drill-into sub-categories / individual faults

Powerful Business Analytics

Powered by included IBM Cognos BI

Complete Incident workflow automation

Internal and external workflow


Switch to manual Incident Management on missed SLA

Features (รายละเอียด)

Performance Dashboards


Device Manager Integration with Integrated Currency Manager

Forecast adjustment based on device downtime

Adjust forecasting parameters for all devices at a site based on abnormal usage due to downtime.

More efficient emergency cash management by combining data from Integrated Currency Manager with data from Device Manager to make more informed decisions

Integrated Currency Manager = order day and dispense volume

Device Manager = fault data, service providers, time-of-day, day-of-week

The Web Status Tool enables you to get statuses of your devices from anywhere in the world, via the Web – user login ID and password determines what information you and/or your customers can view.

High level view of all of your ATMs

Summary view of all ATMs with open tickets

Detail view of all open incidents within a ticket


Why Fiserv Device Manager

Network Availability

          Improved Fault classification & management

          Highly automated service dispatch, monitoring and escalation reduces incident dead-time

Management Costs

          Site Management – dispatch based on customer impact

          Scalable, efficient use of IT resources

          Efficient Help Desk agent workflow and management

          Simplified reporting and management dashboards

Improved Service Vendor Management

          Track vendor performance for ack, on-site, resolve, repair

Powerful reporting on service performance