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Enterprise Cash Supply Chain Management


Integrated Currency Manager Cash Forecasting & Optimization System

  • Automated, web-based solution currency forecasting and optimization solution for any cash point (ATM, Branch, Vault, CDM, R-ATM)
  • Automated, accurate, dynamic forecasting
  • Flexible order parameters, workflow for centralized control and exception management
  • Configurable dashboards and portals 
  • Predictive outage alert detection


Performance View – Powered by IBM Cognos BI

  • Visual, intuitive overview of key performance metrics
  • Quickly assess, diagnose, and act on important business opportunities 
  • The KPI and metrics are designed to simplify large volumes of data allowing users to manage by exception




Features (รายละเอียด)

Value to Your Organization

  • Reduce cash inventory by 20-40%
  • Advanced forecasting
  • Reduce ATM outages and E-Runs
  • Automate cash order process
  • Reduce transportation expenses
  • Compliance and control (workflows)
  • Advanced reporting and analytics for full visibility of KPIs


Last three case studies achieved 30%, 33% and 37% reduction in non-earning cash